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Introducing Selma’s Pantry

Selma’s Pantry products are homemade, and certified through the California – Contra Costa County Cottage Food Program.
Chef Selma’s products are created with love and a passion for homemade, healthy scratch cooking. Already as a teen, Selma knew she would pursue a career in cooking. Since graduating from a culinary arts program in her home country of the Netherlands and through extensive travel and work in her field, Selma’s repertoire has embraced the tastes and authentic cuisines of the Middle East, Europe and beyond. She is experienced in fine dining, outstanding French and American style line-cooking, private catering, cooking for a leading Bay Area technology firm and artisan sheep cheese making. However, Chef Selma’s primary passion has been serving a dedicated community of children and their families while leading a vegetarian scratch-cooking K-8 school lunch program for over 10 years in Richmond, California.

Selma’s Pantry LLC is a small, woman-owned business based in a certified home kitchen in Richmond California. Selma and her family support local food initiatives including the Food Bank of Contra Costa County.


Are Selma's Pantry Granola products Gluten Free?

This is a really common question from our granola-loving friends!
It is interesting to note that oats naturally do not contain gluten. That said our granolas are not currently available in certified Gluten Free recipes. Oats or other products without a gluten-free label are not considered safe for those who have celiac disease. This is because there are opportunities for cross-contact with gluten in the process, from in field where the products are grown, and on through the recipe preparation, roasting and packaging.
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